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Welcome to Landmark Lending

We're more than a Pleasanton mortgage company, we're a network that works for you!

Your mortgage loan needs are as unique as you are, and you'll benefit the most from a lender that is capable of understanding this. That's where Landmark Lending comes in. We can find you the perfect home loan in Pleasanton for you!


Refinancing your home mortgage is easy when you have the advantage of an experienced mortgage lender, like us, on your side!

First Time Buyers

Regardless of your budget, your down payment, or your credit situation, buying a home is essential to building your net worth. Let's get started!

Mortgage Loans

Having a mortgage broker in that knows how to best communicate with your realtor can significantly reduce stress for all parties involved.

We Are a Certified Mortgage Advisor in Pleasanton

We understand that there is an enormous amount of information out there on buying and financing your home. We can help you sort through this information so that you will have the essential knowledge needed when making decisions during the refinance or buying process.

Let us help find the perfect Pleasanton mortgage loan for you, and let's clear the pathway to your goals!

The Mortgage Wiseguy

You may know Ricky Walters as your neighborhood mortgage expert, but have you met the mortgage wiseguy? Get insights from a slightly humorous, somewhat skeptical angle into the industry. The Mortgage Wiseguy will look at trends, fallacies, and anything else we can think of to help give you a fresh perspective.

Can't get enough? visit my YouTube Channel to view all videos from The Mortgage Wiseguy.