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When you think of different cities in the nation, you should always consider the fact that there may be famous people you know who hail from there. Even if the area is not that large, you never know who once called that place home. In case you were wondering, here are 7 prominent people from Pleasanton California.


1. Scott Adams


This is probably not a name that many people are familiar with, yet it should be. The cartoon Dilbert, which has been around since 1989 was created by Scott Adams, who once lived in Pleasanton.


2. Gabrielle Union


If you are a fan of tv series Being Mary Jane or the films Daddy's Little Girls or Bring It On, you should be quite familiar with the actress Gabrielle Union. Her family moved to Pleasanton when she was eight years old and she stayed there until she graduated from Foothills High School.


3. Jim Perry


While game shows may not be as popular as they once were, Jim Perry used to be a household name. He was once the host of Sale of the Century and Card Sharks. While he was originally from New Jersey and passed away while living in Oregon, he once called Pleasanton home.


4. John Madden


There is no way that you can call yourself a football fan if you have no idea who John Madden is. The former broadcaster and NFL coach is one of the most recognized names in the industry. While he was born in Minnesota, his family settled in California after he was born. After getting married in 1959, he decided to move to Pleasanton with his wife and two sons. Michael and Joseph.


5. Donna Theodore


Many people who lived to see the days of great singers headlining at the Copacabana will recognize the name, Donna Theodore. The singer and actress also performed at the Fairmont Hotel in her heyday. While she currently resides in Palm Springs, California with her husband, she is one of the prominent people from Pleasanton California that were born and raised there.


6. David Garibaldi


While you may not know him by name, his band Tower of Power may be more familiar to you. Garibaldi is a drummer with the band and has been a member since they signed their very first record deal. The band members all came from different parts of California; David has roots in Pleasanton.


7. Randal J. Kirk

Now, this may not be a household name to most, but he is certainly a prominent figure from Pleasanton. He was born there but lived in several other places because his father was in the armed forces. After finishing his education he went on to become an investor and businessman. Currently, he is the CEO of Intrexon, which is a biotechnology company.

The next time you happen to think of this city, one or more of the people listed may come to mind. If you live there and you are just learning about these connections to the town, it goes to show that many people have no idea who their neighbors are.

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